Park History

Hughston M. McBain 21st Chief of the clan McBain

It all started on September 26, 1958 when my grandfather Hughston M McBain petitioned the Lyon Court for Chiefship of the honourable “clan Mcbean”.   Among the many requirements to become a Scottish chief the Lord lyon replied with an interesting suggestion:

Thomas Innes of Learney Lord Lyon from 1945 to 1969

Court of the Lord Lyon,

H.M. Register House,

Edinburgh, 2, 21st October, 1958.

“…I think you should make an effort to repurchase Kinchyle, which is near Scaniport in
Yours sincerely.
Sir Thomas Inncs of Learney,
H.M. Register House
Edinburgh 2, Scotland


Hughston McBain 21st chief of Clan McBain circa 1961. Standing on the memorial spot of the park with the town of Dores and Loch Ness in the backgrond.

In an excerpt from An American Scottish Chief, written by Hughston, Lord Lyon states that “the Scots looked down their noses at landless chiefs”.  So the the land hunt was on!  My Grandfather quickly found a challenge: “I soon learned that Scots won’t sell land!”.   In 1959 Scots were naturally suspicious of foreigners (Americans in particular!) believing they might “ruin” the neighborhood with honkey-tonks, etc.  The exact location of the old “Kinchyle Clan Lands” were then owned by the Baroness Burton (of Bass Ale – London).  All efforts were made to buy 100 or 200 acres of the old Clan Lands.  For almost 2 years she refused to sell at any price! Finally she agreed to sell a “wee piece”, about 2 acres up the hill side from the town of Dores.  It wasn’t until the summer of 1961 that the area, now called McBain Memorial Park, was finished.  Then it took 2 more years to get permission from the road authorities to put up a directional sign on the Dores road pointing the way to the Memorial Park!

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  1. Thank you for everything you have done to preserve and protect the history of the clan, and especially for informing me of the McBain Memorial Park. I sincerely hope to visit with my family one day and learn more about our Bean family heritage. If there is any other information you can post regarding tours and location information, it would be greatly appreciated.

    Lewis A. George Bean
    Cocoa Beach, Florida USA

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